Can I eat ice cream while breastfeeding?

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Yes! While ice cream is not very nutritious and packs a sugar punch, it is okay in moderation. You can eat ice cream while nursing with a few exceptions.

  • Avoid soft serve ice cream (the kind that comes out of a machine). Regular hard frozen ice cream in tubs or ice cream bars from a freezer is okay. The risk of soft serve ice cream is that it can contain listeria. Listeria is a foodborne bacteria that is also found in deli meats and soft cheeses, two foods that you’ll also want to avoid until you’re done breastfeeding. While the chance of passing listeria poisoning to your baby through breast milk is very low, it is still possible. Listeriosis can be deadly for babies.
  • Does your baby have any food allergies or sensitivities? Allergens in ice cream can pass through your breast milk. If your baby has any allergies to cow’s milk, nuts, soy, etc. you’ll want to be very careful about reading ingredients labels before you buy your next tub of ice cream.

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