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The Best Baby Carriers

Find out why I got rid of my $800 stroller for a cheap baby carrier. ¬† Table of Contents LILLEbaby all-seasons carrier review LILLEbaby vs. Ergobaby and Baby Bjorn Sling-style carriers are a cheaper alternative –¬†Boba Baby Wrap review Let me say that this post was originally supposed to be a review of my favorite baby stroller. I was about 500 words into the post when I thought about how


What are the best humidifiers for baby’s and toddler’s rooms for 2014 & 2015?

Table of Contents Are humidifiers the best way to heal baby’s congestion and eczema? Why is this the best humidifier? Crane ultrasonic cool mist humidifier review Pros – what I liked Cons – what can be improved What is that gunk buildup inside the humidifer? What is that white mist that comes out of the humidifier? What capacity do I need for my nursery? How can I keep my furniture,


The top-rated breast pumps for 2016

What do these 2 breast pumps have that make them the best choice over 40 other breast pumps? Buying a breast pump can be frustrating and time consuming. I feel like the breast pump industry is full of pushy salespeople and there’s a lot of incorrect information out there. Table of Contents Spectra Baby S2 review Medela Pump In Style Advanced review Compare the S2 and PISA side by side


The top 3 best diaper pails for cloth diapers – I hate all pails except these

In this review you’ll find which best diaper pails we found were the best. You’ll also find out which diaper pail liners came out on top and how to make your own diaper pail deodorizers with ingredients from your kitchen cupboard.


All about prefoldsand covers and fitted diapers

Q: What are prefolds? Prefolds are pure cotton cloths that you need to “pre-fold” in 3s (like a business letter) before you can diaper your baby. Think of these as the old-timey cloth diapers that your grandmothers used. They need to be fastened together with either safety pins or a plastic fastener like a snappi. Prefolds can be used alone, but nowadays most people prefer to use them inside a

all_in_one_cloth_diapers (2)

All About All-in-one (AIO) Diapers

Q:What are all-in-one (AIO) diapers? These are cloth diapers where the absorbing layers inside are attached to the diaper cover. They are the cloth diaper most similar to disposable diapers and the best choice if you are a first timer. AIO diapers are very easy to use as there is no need to mess with folding like with prefolds/covers, or inserts like with all-in-two diapers. Just wrap them around your

what are ai2 diapers

Different Kinds of (Pocket) All in Two Cloth Diapers

Q: What are pocket (AI2) diapers? Pocket style diapers are also called AI2s (all in 2’s) and it’s essentially just a diaper with an opening where you can stuff in the abosrbant pad/insert. The pockets are what holds the absorbant layer/insert in place inside the waterproof exterior and the fabric of the pocket is the part that touches your baby’s bottom. When you slip in the insert you’ll want to

100 best bedtime stories for 0-6 year olds

The best bedtime stories for babies and toddlers with big colorful illustrations

100 amazing books and stories with big colorful pictures to lull your little one to sleep This is a list of my favorite books to read to my children when it’s time to sleep. There are some classics and new “soon to be” classics on this list. I will update the books on this list as I go through our bookshelf, but here’s a few of my favorite stories to


The top 3 best-rated cloth diapers

My mother warned me about cloth diapering. Apparently she tried cloth diapers with me, but quickly gave into disposables after a frantic week of juggling a newborn and washing buckets full of dirty diapers.

Needless to say, mom was skeptical when she heard about my attempt at cloth diapering. I must say that I was pretty skeptical myself. But I quickly became a convert to cloth diapering after discovering that…

Rockin Green Diaper Detergent

Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Detergent Review

Is Rockin Green Detergent Any Good For Cleaning Cloth Diapers? Rockin Green is a cool new cloth diaper detergent brand that I heard about through my friend Emmy. She is a long time cloth diaper’er with all three of her kids and she could not stop raving about this detergent. Rockin’ Green is one of the few hypoallergenic laundry detergents that is both safe for babies’ sensitive skin and does